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Well, I finally got around to replying to everyone- aren't you all proud?
But yeah, summer break is here.
Which also means that we have Legend of Korra every Sat and Season 10 episodes of Red vs Blue to look forward to on Mondays. Plus the Game of Thrones finale in a couple days- ooh!
Which ALSO means that I'll actually be making a reappearance on Neo, and actually be dabbling around in some guilds and working on the Last Sacrifice guild Estelle is developing(and I'm "helping") that's being constantly pushed back in the schedule. Yup. Can't wait to RP and chat with all you again. <3

Also I'll be on XBL a lot. So if anyone else has one, tell me what games you play. I'm a halo fanatic. K
zestiria Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2012
YES FINALLY OH JOY. ♥ welcome back, monika ~
ooh, tv. i still need to watch the last airbender (kinda late for that bandwagon...) but i hear korra's pretty good?
but you're helping plenty for last sacrifice!
dreamcatchre Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2012
thanks m'love!
and airbender is really good, you need to get into it. i seriously love it. <3
and yeah, korra's been pretty amazing so far. the new characters are hard to get used to though, especially with how much i'm in love with the first set of characters
and oh yeah sure i am
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June 2, 2012